World Converter TutorialΒΆ

Things you will need:

  • Amulet
  • The world you want to convert (referred to as source world)
  • A world from the same Minecraft platform and version you want the world to be converted to (referred to as destination world)
  1. Load the source world into Amulet
  2. Once the world has been loaded, launch the Convert sub-program

The Convert sub-program can be found on the left side of the world screen

  1. Click the Select Output World button and follow the same world loading process and select your desired destination world
  2. Once the destination world has been loaded, click the Convert button
  3. The progress bar should update with the progress of the conversion and the following dialog should pop-up once it reaches the end:
  1. Once the conversion finishes, you can close Amulet and open the destination world in the desired/target Minecraft version/platform